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Friends that
get high together,
save $15 together.

Know someone who could use a few grams? Well good news, for a limited time when you refer your friend to Puff Wow, you can both take $15 off your bill. Got a lot of friends? There’s no limit to the amount of friends you can refer and rewards you can get!

Good friends are hard to find (but surprisingly easy to refer).

Referral Steps

Step 1

Click "Start Referring"

Step 2

If you don't already have an account with Puff Wow, sign up for a Free Account.

Step 3

Once logged in, click the "Refferal Link" tab on the left side.

Step 4

Start referring your friends.

Step 5

We've sent your friend everything they need to complete the process. This includes signing up for an account and making their first purchase.

Step 6

Once your friend places their first order. Both of you will see $15 in referral credits show up on your account page.

It’s the best money you never spent.

Every time you refer a friend to Puff Wow, we’ll take $15 off both of your bills. That’s $15 towards any products, leaving you with extra cash to spend on something other than smoke. Some fancy munchies, perhaps? Socks with your dog’s face on them? The world is your oyster.

Save your friends and your money.

Got a friend who really needs to break-up with their current provider? Send a referral to help them move on. As Canada’s Happiest Network and most recommended Cannabis Delivery Service, we’ve got your back and all your friends’ backs too.

Spread the word. And the savings.

Start sending those referrals today and you’ll be saving money on your order in no time.


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