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1g Cookies OG Live Resin – Pacific Reserve

Strain: Cookies OG
Type: Live Resin
Extract Method: BHO
Quantity: 1 gram per container
Brand: Pacific Reserve
THC: 75-95%

We recommend storing live resin in the refrigerator, preferably in glass or silicone.


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Premium Live Resin from Pacific Reserve

The Live Resin from Pacific Reserve is wild! Explore a captivating selection of meticulously crafted concentrates and extracts at Pacific Reserve, your ultimate destination for top-tier cannabis-infused delights. Elevate your senses with our extraordinary range, tailored to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs in the cannabis community.

At Pacific Reserve, we take pride in curating a diverse array of concentrates and extracts that exemplify excellence. Our live resin products are a result of our commitment to sourcing high-quality, locally cultivated marijuana. Every offering is a testament to our dedication to providing you with an unparalleled experience that showcases the best of what cannabis has to offer.

Pacific Reserve is driven by a vision of transparency. We believe that all adults deserve the opportunity to embark on a journey of mind-opening liberation, spiritual discovery, and self-healing through cannabis. With our products, you can expect a safe and enlightening experience that transcends boundaries.

Terpene-Rich Live Resin: A Flavourful Delight

Among our standout products is our signature live resin, meticulously formulated to offer a terpene-rich experience like no other. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours as you indulge in the captivating blend of sweet, spicy, flowery, and earthy notes. Say goodbye to unwanted butane hash oil (BHO) aftertastes – our house resin is carefully designed to minimize such nuances, ensuring a pure and enjoyable encounter with every inhale.

Indulge in the remarkable world of cannabis concentrates with Pacific Reserve, available exclusively through our platform. Elevate your consumption experience and explore a realm of flavors and effects that exemplify the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship.

Visit Pacific Reserve today and embark on a journey of sensory delight, where the artistry of concentrates and extracts takes centre stage.

What is live resin?

Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s gaining a lot of popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Let’s talk about what sets it apart.


When we talk about “freshness” in live resin, we’re referring to the state of the cannabis plant at the time of extraction. Unlike other extraction methods that use dried and cured cannabis buds, live resin captures the plant’s essence right at its peak.

For live resin, the timing of the harvest is crucial. The cannabis plants are picked before they’ve had the opportunity to dry or cure. This ensures they’re harvested at the pinnacle of their life cycle when the terpenes, which are aromatic compounds, and cannabinoids like THC and CBD are at their most vibrant and abundant levels. This approach contrasts with other methods where plants are allowed to dry and cure, potentially losing some of their potency and aroma.

Following the harvest, these fresh cannabis plants undergo a process called flash freezing. This method quickly freezes the plants, locking in their natural profile. It’s a vital step as it preserves the delicate terpenes and cannabinoids, which can degrade or evaporate in traditional drying and curing methods. Terpenes play a significant role in cannabis, being responsible for its distinct aromas and flavours. By using fresh plants in the production of live resin, these terpenes are captured in their most genuine and potent form. The result is a product that’s rich in flavour and aroma, mirroring the essence of the original plant.

The freshness of live resin contributes to what many describe as a “full-spectrum” experience. This means users get a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other concentrates. This wider profile offers a more holistic and nuanced effect when consumed. Additionally, the emphasis on using fresh plants ensures that live resin maintains a profile true to the specific cannabis strain from which it was extracted. This level of authenticity is something that’s highly prized, especially by connoisseurs and those who savour the subtle differences between various cannabis strains.

In essence, the emphasis on freshness in live resin production is all about capturing the cannabis plant’s true essence, providing users with a product that’s as close to the original plant as possible. It’s like enjoying a freshly picked fruit versus one that’s been stored for a while; the difference in taste and quality is palpable.

live resin on a dab tool

Flavour and Aroma

The flavour and aroma of cannabis are primarily determined by its terpene profile. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants, and in cannabis, they play a significant role in defining each strain’s unique scent and taste. Live Resin is celebrated for its ability to capture these terpenes in their most authentic form.

Live Resin stands out in the world of cannabis concentrates, primarily due to its terpene richness. Made from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis, it captures a broader and more vibrant spectrum of terpenes compared to other concentrates. This not only results in a more intricate flavour profile but also allows for the encapsulation of the unique characteristics of different cannabis strains. Each strain has its own distinct terpene profile, which translates to varied tastes and aromas. Whether it’s the fruity undertones of one strain or the earthy notes of another, Live Resin lets users experience these nuances in full.

The consumption of Live Resin offers an enhanced experience for many cannabis enthusiasts. It’s not just about the effects; it’s also about the journey. The pronounced flavour and aroma of Live Resin make each session a memorable one, adding depth to the overall experience. This is further amplified by the preservation of even the most delicate terpenes, which might otherwise degrade during the drying, curing, or extraction processes. The method employed in producing Live Resin ensures these sensitive terpenes remain intact, adding to the concentrate’s rich flavour profile.

Beyond just flavour and aroma, there’s also the concept of the “entourage effect” to consider. This refers to the synergistic interaction between different cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis. A fuller terpene profile, like that found in Live Resin, can potentially amplify this effect, leading to a more holistic experience. Additionally, the meticulous extraction process ensures that Live Resin boasts both purity and intensity in its flavour and aroma. Even in small quantities, it can deliver a powerful burst of taste, making it a top choice for those who truly cherish their cannabis experience.

The flavour and aroma of Live Resin are like a symphony of the cannabis plant’s natural scents and tastes. It’s a treat for the senses, offering a more immersive and authentic experience than many other forms of cannabis.

Live resin terpenes

Production of Live Resin

The production process of Live Resin is distinct from other cannabis concentrates, and it’s this unique method that gives Live Resin its characteristic freshness, flavour, and aroma.

The production begins immediately after the cannabis plants are harvested. These plants are quickly subjected to a process known as flash freezing. This step is pivotal as it locks in the terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring they don’t degrade. Once frozen, the plants move on to the extraction phase. Common solvents like butane or propane are employed to draw out the desired compounds from the plant material. It’s essential that the cold temperature is sustained during this phase, safeguarding the fragile terpenes and cannabinoids.

Post-extraction, the mixture obtained contains both the sought-after cannabis compounds and the solvent. The subsequent step is purging, where the solvent is meticulously removed. This is generally achieved using a combination of heat and vacuum, ensuring the end product is devoid of any lingering solvents. The culmination of this rigorous process is a concentrate with a sticky, sap-like consistency. However, the texture of Live Resin can differ, ranging from a dense liquid to a more crystalline form, influenced by the specific cannabis strain and production techniques used.

Safety is of utmost importance in the production of cannabis concentrates, especially given the volatile nature of the solvents often used. It’s imperative that Live Resin is crafted in controlled settings with adequate ventilation and the right equipment to mitigate any associated risks. Quality control is another crucial aspect. Trustworthy Live Resin producers frequently have their offerings lab-tested to confirm their purity, potency, and lack of contaminants, ensuring consumers receive a product that’s both high-quality and safe. As the cannabis sector continues to grow and evolve, so do the methodologies for producing Live Resin. There’s ongoing experimentation in the industry, with some producers exploring solventless extraction techniques and other innovative methods to enhance the quality and attributes of Live Resin.

In essence, the production of Live Resin is a blend of art and science. It requires a deep understanding of the cannabis plant, expertise in extraction methods, and a commitment to quality and safety. The result is a premium cannabis concentrate that offers an unparalleled experience in terms of flavour, aroma, and effects.

Live resin production

Potency of Live Resin

Potency in the context of cannabis refers to the strength or concentration of active compounds, primarily THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Live Resin stands out in this aspect due to its high concentration of these compounds.

Live Resin is renowned for its high THC levels, often ranging between 40% to a staggering 90%. In comparison, most dried cannabis flowers typically hover around the 20% THC mark. This significant concentration means that even a modest amount of Live Resin can pack a potent punch. But it’s not just about THC. This extract offers a full-spectrum profile, encompassing a broad array of cannabinoids and terpenes. This rich composition can lead to a more rounded and nuanced cannabis experience, often described as the “entourage effect.”

The production techniques employed for Live Resin ensure an efficient extraction process. This method guarantees that the maximum possible cannabinoids and terpenes are drawn from the fresh cannabis plant, contributing to the concentrate’s high potency. Given its strength, Live Resin is typically consumed in smaller doses compared to other cannabis products. Dabbing, a method where a minuscule amount of the concentrate is vapourized and inhaled, is a favoured way to enjoy this sort of cannabis concentrate. However, its potency also calls for caution, especially for newcomers or those not accustomed to such concentrated products. It’s advisable to start with a small dose and adjust based on individual tolerance.

The potency also has potential medical applications. Its strength can be advantageous for medical cannabis patients seeking immediate and potent relief from their symptoms. However, any medical use should be under the guidance of a healthcare professional. To ensure a consistent experience for consumers, reputable Live Resin producers often get their batches lab-tested. This testing ensures a uniform potency level, allowing users to anticipate and tailor their experience with each use.

The potency of Live Resin sets it apart from many other cannabis products. It offers a concentrated and powerful experience, making it a favourite among seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. However, its strength also means that it should be consumed responsibly and with awareness of one’s own tolerance levels.

Live Resin Potency

Appearance of Live Resin

When it comes to the appearance of Live Resin, several characteristics stand out. Its consistency and texture are often likened to that of honey or sap, offering a viscous feel. However, depending on the specific cannabis strain and the production techniques employed, this consistency can vary. It might be slightly runny in some cases or take on a more solid, crystalline form in others.

The colour is another distinguishing feature. Typically, it showcases a spectrum from a bright golden shade to a richer amber. This colouration is influenced by the terpenes and cannabinoids inherent to the particular cannabis strain used in its production. Furthermore, when you come across high-quality Live Resin, you’ll notice a certain clarity or translucence. This clear, almost glass-like appearance is an indicator of its purity, suggesting the product is free from impurities and any leftover solvents.


As for the usage of Live Resin, there are several methods to enjoy this potent concentrate. Dabbing is among the most favoured. In this method, a dab rig is employed, which heats a tiny quantity of the concentrate until it vapourizes. Users then inhale this vapour, which delivers a powerful and flavour-packed hit. Another method is using vapourizers specifically designed for concentrates. These devices heat the Live Resin to an optimal temperature, allowing for vapour inhalation without any combustion. This technique is deemed cleaner and might preserve more of the Live Resin’s inherent flavour.

While not as widespread, Live Resin can also find its way into edibles or tinctures. When consumed this way, the effect differs from inhalation, offering a unique experience. However, given Live Resin’s potency, it’s crucial to ensure accurate dosing when ingesting it in edible or tincture form.

Live Resin on white and yellow background

In a nutshell, live resin offers a unique cannabis experience, capturing the essence of the plant in its freshest form. It’s a treat for those who appreciate the finer nuances of cannabis flavour and aroma. Just remember to enjoy responsibly!

For more detailed information on cannabis extracts, you can check out this Wikipedia article on Cannabis Concentrate.



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